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A lighting control system has many benefits.

Convenience. You'll never have to enter a dark home again. With a properly designed lighting control system, your lights can be programmed to turn on whenever it is dark outside, you can turn on some lights from a convenient control located in your car, or you can turn on your lights from the internet. Your can also control multiple loads of light from the convenience of a single keypad. A lighting control system from Corcoran Light & Sound will give you the ability to do all of this.

Security. By integrating your security system with our lighting control, if an alarm is triggered lights will turn on throughout your home providing a lighted exit if you need to leave the house or discover the cause of that unusual sound.

Energy savings. With a lighting control system designed by Corcoran Light & Sound, your energy usage will diminish as lights can be automatically turned off in areas that are not currently being used. Your lights can also be programmed to avoid being set to full power, which is when they use the most power.

Aesthetics. Today's homes often have multiple lighting loads in each room and this can lead to quite a bit of "wall clutter". A properly designed lighting control system can help reduce this eye sore by replacing switches with keypads that can control multiple lights in a single gang box.

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