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System C: In Depth

This client was building a new house on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee. The lighting plan called for 100 loads of light but the client didn't want to have 100 light switches cluttering up the house. We recommended a Lutron lighting control system which allowed us to locate 70 switches in the basement and control the lights from 10 five button keypads located in the living areas.

We also provided 3 wired and 2 wireless AMX touch panels for additional control. Each panel provides lighting scenes for each room as well individual control of every light in the house.

The panels also provide individual control of each of the 4 zones of HVAC. Displayed on the panel is the current temperature, current heat set point, and current cool set point of each thermostat, and from the touch panel the client can change any of the thermostat's settings.

We also integrated with the security system, allowing internal and external motion sensors to turn on lights in the home, and arming the alarm triggers events dictated by the client.

Lastly, the client wanted to be able to monitor the status of his house while away from home. With this system the client is able to log into his system from the Internet, where he has access to every feature we provided on his touch panels.

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