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System B: In Depth

This client wanted a large TV for the 3rd floor living room of her home. She wanted an area to relax and watch TV and movies with her husband.

We recommended an LG 60" plasma TV and Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player so that they would be able to enjoy 1080p video. We also incorporated a Motorola HD cable box for high definition TV. A Denon surround receiver provides the audio, and we utilized the clients' existing satellite speaker package and provided an Energy subwoofer.

All of the equipment is located in a BDI Icon cabinet, so extra care was required in the installation to keep all the wires neat and out of site.

Everything is controlled with an RTI M2 remote, which simplifies the clients' interaction with their system ensuring that whether they want to watch a DVD movie or a cable TV program, it is only one button away.

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